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posted on 29 January 2010 | posted in Healthy Tips


Are you getting enough Exercise?

Did you know that exercising is the key to happiness, vitaility and health!

Move your body - Stretch it, pump it and make it sweat and work, use it as much as you can to get your heart pumping!

Perspiring is an amazing way to expel toxins via the skin and uses energy systems that are vital for optimum health.

Best and cheapest ways are walking, running, skipping & dancing - just get your shoes/trainers on and get going. Guranteed to bring a smile to your face either during or after!

Stretching (yoga) opens energy channels that increase oxygen & blood flow! This your organs and skin adore and you really can't feel worse after stretching! Of course always work within your capabilities and stay safe!

Feel the inner glow as well as the outer! If you feel better about your body you will feel better about your life!

You need to drink water of course too when exercising as you need to replace the fluids that you lose! So if you drink water and get your heart pumping then you really are cleansing and assiting your body to regularly let go and dump toxins!


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