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Should I Detox before getting pregnant?

posted on 30 May 2008 | posted in Pre Pregnancy Care

A great big ‘Yes’ is the answer to this question!

If you are planning to get pregnant, a Detox would be something that should be high on your priority list! In short, if you want your body to work to its Optimum, a Detox is the answer you are looking for!

When and if your body has to struggle with excess internal toxins, it will not have the energy or goodness, let alone capacity to form or deal with a pregnancy, and if it does, then it may be a struggle.

Our bodies are amazing, and what we put into them dictates our health potential, well being, vitality, energy, mind & mood. These emotions then make up the picture of our life and pregnancy is of course a big part of that life.

Pregnancy is the time when you really want to take care of yourself, especially with what you are eating but the best start for any pregnancy is therefore preparation beforehand.

If you are lucky enough to have the time, space and planning to clean yourself up before falling pregnant (and that is the men too!), go for it! Taking away toxins that have been stored in your body for a time can be the key to your future health and wellness and your babies.

We all accumulate toxins within our lives no matter how clean or good our diets and lifestyle are, and unfortunately during pregnancy they will be passed through to your baby if not previously removed. How else do you think that diseases and ailments are inherited? Surely knowing this is enough to propel us into preventing passing anything onto our children?

Once born, mothers spend all of their time cleaning, washing, feeding and caring for their child, not wanting them to come to any harm physically or emotionally, so why not start before getting pregnant?

Don’t get me wrong... many women, in fact most women, will not have had the opportunity, knowledge or time to implement a Detox before getting pregnant. Many women even fall pregnant without knowing it, through unplanned situations, but if you do have the time, knowledge and inclination to Detox before falling pregnant, please do so!

Natural Detox is a big subject and there are many ways to practice one. My advice would be never to Detox unsupervised, and to always make sure that you are removing the unwanted toxins from your body, this tends to be the reason that you feel rotten when you change the way you eat, it is the increase in toxins being released into your evacuation system! Once that system becomes overwhelmed you will feel tired, sluggish, moody, headachy and not good! Removing the toxins using natural supportive body techniques will take all those feelings away, leaving you feeling full of energy, vital and clean.

Preparing for pregnancy is the Alpha of gifts for your baby. Not only will you feel and look great, you will mentally and physically be transforming into your new role whilst learning and understanding more about yourself and your body!

Detox is not by any means recommended during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding so that rules out at least 13 months (hopefully more!) which is why it is so important to do so, situations permitting, beforehand.

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