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Magnesium the miracle Mineral!

posted on 30 September 2010 | posted in Healthy Tips

Magnesium  the miracle Mineral! Magnesium really is amazing often the missing link to total health & vitality, ease of movement and bodily functions.

Named the Happy mineral, Magnesium benefits so many ailments that it is a shame that it is not given out before many other medicines!

Magnesium assists and hugely benefits depression, High blood pressure, PMT, menstrual irregularities, insomnia, mood & weight issues, IBS and digestive problems, muscle cramps and much more!

Magnesium is often deficient in an average diet, mostly due to the fact that non-organic produce will not benefit from much magnesium at all and even some organic produce may be low. As this is the case with soil problems it is advisable to supplement with magnesium.

  • Leg cramps and muscle aches and pains can be helped greatly with taking magnesium.
  • During pregnancy it is vital to keep magnesium levels at a high for you and your new baby.
Athletes and sports enthusiasts need more magnesium as do stressed and busy working professionals. In fact, we all need more magnesium!

Supplement with magnesium and see the difference to how you feel and how you perform. I bet you will sleep better, be less stressed and on the whole calmer!

Of course the type of magnesium you take and what you eat will affect the effects!
Source a good supplement such as the one we sell and make sure you are eating lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are as close to their natural source as possible, in other words raw or very lightly steamed in the colder months.

Reduce stress where you can and avoid preservatives and highly acidic foods such as alcohol, sugars, fast foods and caffeine.

When you give your body what it need it works optimally when you don't it doesn't!

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