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Vegan Smoothies


1 Banana
1 Mango - nice and ripe
2 - 4 Strawberries, Raspberries or Blueberries
1 Desertspoon Flax oil
1 Teaspoon Beepollen
1 Teaspoon Lethicin

1. Peel and chop the banana and mango and then chuck everything into your blender.
2. Wiz it up to a creamy texture and pour into a large wine glass!
3. Sit down with a spoon and gobble!
4. yum yum yum... really!

For the more adventurous vegan smoothie ideas add in a teaspoon of any of the following superfoods:
raw organic maca, raw organic cacao, organic goji berries, raw organic mesquite powder, raw organic Hemp seeds or powder , barley grass and off you go!

For vegan smoothies you can use various fruits but always use a banana to give it some substance. Experiment and see what you like! Choose from whatever is seasonal at the time, some favourites could be: berries (strawberries & blackberries), papaya, kiwi, pears, avocado (for a really full tummy!), grapes (humm?)...