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Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits are amazing and there are many!

Coconut trees are called 'The Trees of life' and there not wrong either!

Coconuts are abundant in many ways, you can drink the water or milk, eat the flesh and jelly and make amazing butter and oil from them too.

They can be eaten and drunk safely and are amazing when applied directly onto the skin too making a great moisturiser & tanning lotion!

This oil is one of the only oils that is safe to cook with!

The water is amazingly hydrating and in fact so is the whole fruit!

Coconut oil helps to stabilise blood sugar levels making it a keen addition to any blood sugar problems!
Drink or eat some and see!

Coconut benefits us as it is a highly nutritious food and drink that is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Coconut oil or butter contains up to 50% medium chain saturated fatty acids. This is an instant energy source.

Coconut contains no cholesterol, no trans fatty acids & is not hydrogenated.

Coconut provides health benefits way beyond its nutritional content.

This is good oil and fat that really is good for you!

Spread it on crackers, make Raw Chocolate Truffles with it, smother your feet with it, massage your lover with it - make raw ice cream with it!

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Raw Chocolate Truffles