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Carob, Goji, Hemp & Almond Cacao Raw Cookie Bar

This Carob, Goji, Hemp & Almond Cacao Cookie Bar is divine! So simple to make and totally great for kids.
Packed with goodness and abundant superfood goodies, this bar (or cookies) makes an excellent base to add in your little ones supplements and essential nutrients.

Carob has its own unique and amazing flavour, and has been known to be used most often as sa chocolate replacement. But, Carob has an amazing taste and is so good for you we often just like to use it for what it is, not as a replacement.

100g Almonds
80g Hemp seeds (whole)
120g Cacao Butter
40g Coconut Butter
80g Carob Powder
20g Mesquite Meal
20g Purple Corn Flour (if you don't have use mesquite instead)
50g Goji Berries
1 teaspoon Spirulina (or synergy)
50g Yacon Root (optional)

You will see why once you get the right proportions of liquid to powder you can literally play around with what you use! Just SO great to add in supplements and green powders for your kids!

Grind the almonds and hemp seeds in a high speed blender
Gently and very lightly melt the coconut and cacao butters (use a dehydrator or sunshine!)
Mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl very thoroughlly, make sure you get all the lumps out and then add in the butters!
When you stir in the butters take it slow and really LOVE it - bet you have a taste!
If you use yacon cut it into strips and then add it in at the end, you could use a dribble of agave but you really don't need it!
Pour either into cookie shape moulds or just a tupperware for a big fat slab :)
Leave in the fridge for a few hours and then fight over it!