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Stress, we all suffer from Stress whether it be physical, emotional or environmental. Some Stress we cannot control, such as the air we breath and the earth we live on, however there are some areas of Stress that we do have control over and these include the foods we eat and our lifestyle.

I invite you to understand where your Stress comes from, understand it and from there hopefully reduce it.

Car fumes, smoking, alcohol, drugs, smog, working too much, not resting enough, relationships that dont work, relationships that do work!, the environment, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, travel (long haul especially), computers, cars, arguments, moving, death, birth, its endless isnt it and they all have a stress element connected to them so will cause us some kind of stress. And then there is food; sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, preservatives and salt to name a few.

What Damage Does Stress Cause?

Stress causes dehydration and dehydration causes stress and without blinding you with science dehydration will prevent your body from being able to cleanse properly creating symptoms of dis-ease within the bodies natural rhythms and cycles. This dis-ease or symptom tells us that something is not right and if read correctly can allow us to make some changes that can direct us towards hydration and balance again. If these signs are misread then we could cause even more stress and add to the dehydration and the whole process starts all over again again!

How Can You Reduce Stress?

Firstly we need to identify it and then aim to reduce it. Taking an honest look at your diet and lifestyle and seeing how many of the higher stress foods are included is a first. These high stress foods include tea, coffee, chocolate (not raw!), meat, sugar, alcohol, wheat, croissants, biscuits, fizzy drinks, crisps, salted peanuts, sweets, deep fried foods, takeaways and cakes to name a few.
The other areas to look into are from what is around you. Television, radio alarm, stereo, electrical equipment, computer, laptop, mobile phones, blackberry, cordless telephones and microwave ovens.
Or have you got endless junk stuffed under your bed? Is your office and bedroom cluttered and messy?

You see all electrical equipment has a vibration, and that vibration will in some way affect you. It is bad enough being around these objects all day long, let alone sleeping with them too! For a start I would definitely recommend that you clear as much as you can out of your bedroom!

Clutter causes Stress, and if you are cluttered on the outside it most likely indicates that you are cluttered on the inside too? Clearing space and spring cleaning is a great way to promote healing, freedom and movement both emotionally and physically.

Our saying is If in doubt chuck it out!